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The INTEGRATED PATH to ARCHITECTURAL LICENSURE (IPAL) - provides an opportunity to fulfill the requirements for architectural licensure while completing the architectural degree. 

Clemson’s IPAL initiative associates three key components: education, experience, and examination.

Education introduces students to design thinking, basic historic and theoretical concepts, and the fundamentals of design.

Experience provides professional / business context under the supervision of an architect.

Examination affirms the candidate demonstrates minimal competency to practice.

This academic tract has been designed to give qualified students the tools to successfully navigate the licensure process. 

IPAL news

Welcome 2022 Cohort:

Kayla Marindin

Kiese Blake

Shelton Stevenson

Cameron Sunkel (MARCH 2023)

2023 IPAL Applications:

Available December 2022

Due January 31, 2023



Bradford Watson, Director, CAC.C

Ashley Jennings, Senior Lecturer/IPAL Coordinator, CAC.C

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